Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni


Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital started a new academic project in 2013 with the name of Department of Public Health in Pakistan Institute of Ophthalmology. This project was meant to educate students with holistic image of Public Health and to make them competitive in future endeavors. In 2016, this department got a new name “Al-Shifa School of Public Health”. The school has declared successfully two passed out batches of talented and proficient students. Under the command of Chair, Dr. Inayat Hussain Thaver, the initiative for Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni has been taken with full efforts and cooperation of faculty and other staff. It is just the beginning; we will make this connection life lasting.


The vision of Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni is to connect with its alumni across the globe for mutual benefit of lifelong learning and research.

Mission Statement:

This forum is committed to provide valued services to the members and to support the School’s mission of teaching and research. It encourages alumni to stay connected and serve as advocates for the school. The Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni leverages the resources, talents, and initiatives of alumni and friends to advice and guide for and support the alumni members and the Al-Shifa School of Public Health in achieving their respective missions and goals.


  1. We value integrity, honesty, and ethical behavior and strive to maintain a working environment that is built on mutual respect, understanding and freedom of expression.
  2. We value personal growth and development, and the concept of community: local, regional, and global.
  3. We believe that quality and accessibility are essential if the university is to fulfill its mission of teaching, research and community service.
  4. We believe that alumni must contribute actively to the development of the university


The objectives of Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni are to:

  1. Enhance interaction among the members so as to create social and intellectual relationship among them.
  2. Deliver a vibrant environment to the members so as to enable them to establish professional networks among them.
  3. Provide a mean of involvement by the members of Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni to support the academic and research programs at Al-Shifa School of Public Health.


The Al-Shifa School of Public Health Alumni provides you access to the valuable research articles and other informative reports from all over the world online. You will be kept aware of all research and outreach activities of our campus. It will provide you information about current internships and job opportunities.