Faculty Profile

Dr. M. Ahmed Abdullah

MBBS MPH MCPS CHPE PhD, Associate Professor-Public Health

Dr. Abdullah is a public health professional who has a diverse academic background, with more than ten years of teaching experience, and more than 15 years of experience in clinical medicine. He publishes newspaper articles on topics of public health importance, and also maintains a regular electronic media presence for the purpose of advocacy. He frequently publishes scientific research in national and international journals. He has experienced a variety of work settings which include teaching, clinical practice, research, healthcare administration and advocacy. His core areas of interest include health systems, infectious diseases, primary care and mental health. He has a rare insight into societal issues due to his extensive clinical exposure at the primary healthcare level and concurrent involvement in all things academic. He has a generalist approach, which means that he employs skills gained through working in varied environments. He is an avid reader and his areas of interest outside of his career path include, behavioral biology, psychology, philosophy, comparative religions and history.